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After the Akossombo Dam visit, during the afternoon we went to Cedi Beads and the boss of the industry showed us how to make different types of beads. 5 exactly, so there are 5 different ways to make beads. First, there are recycled beads. People take old glass, they heat it up in a stove where they put metallic bars to increase the temperature. The bead-making takes 20 to 30 minutes and 600° to 800° temperature. The second ones are recycled transparent beads. They break bottles or they take bottles already broken, for example, Coca-Cola bottles or beer bottles, to make them. They mix the small pieces, but before that they have to check the compatibility between the different types of glass. The heat in the stove is from 800° to 1000° Celsius so as to melt the glass and then they make a hole in the bead with a kind of nail. The third type of beads is the recycled glass powder beads. They reduce the glass to powder and they put it in a mold in which they make motives and they also put it in the stove. The fourth type of beads is the glazed beads or painted beads, they use water and powder to design the beads. The final type of beads is Bodom beads. They make them for kings and queens, they put them in molds made of the clay from anthills. They are heated at a high temperature to become tough. The Bodoms are very important and expensive, they cost 1000GHc minimum. At Cedi Beads, there is also a shop where you can buy jewels made from these beads. Cedi Beads is a little factory whose business is good. Several important people come here like the Queen of Denmark.


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